What residents have to say:

“There are no words or gifts that could truly express our gratitude for the loving care you have given our parents. You are a wonderful bunch of people and we will miss the lovely smiling faces we have come to know”

“Thank you to each and every one of you who cared for Mum during the four years she was with Rosebank. Mum regarded Rosebank as her home, which in no small part was due to your care. She enjoyed the banter with staff and the friendships she made with fellow residents. We miss Mum very much and miss our visits in to Rosebank”

“Thank you for your kind words, it was always good to know Dad was in such a caring Resthome”


Phil Steans:

I thoroughly enjoy coming there and I can see that the residents enjoy it also. It would have to be the best rest home I entertain  at and I entertain at many.

You have lovely staff who seem to be more than happy to help get the residents to the lounge. Debbie is a lovely person with a great personality the ideal lady for the job she does its a credit to her.She even popped in on her day off just to check that the residents all got down to the lounge thats commitment for sure.

I look forward to entertaining again on June 3rd on my way back from the Gold Guitar Awards in Gore.


Alister Lilley:

I wanted to acknowledge our families’ appreciation of the professional manner in which you kept us in the loop on the sale of Mum’s villa, made settlement on date given and under the terms set out in the original agreement.

Sue, I would certainly be willing to act as a reference for you at any time in regard to the extremely high standard of care provided to my late Mum and also the professional and clear manner in which you undertook the purchase agreement process then subsequent sale of the villa. It was a pleasure to do business with such a caring and totally professional company as Rosebank. Well done to all concerned – it’s nice to have such a hassle free experience in today’s world!


Norrie Wilson:

We were here 2 days and still in the process of settling in and at 5pm we were invited to a get together in one of the other units, t bring our choice of drink and snacks would be provided by the host. This now happens four nights a week for an hour in a different unit, much to the amusement of the staff – maybe they wished they lived here too!

We were attracted to the Rosebank Village because the unit has greater square footage than any others we viewed and the Ashburton people have made us feel very welcome.

Sondra made me feel very welcome. She took an interest in things I was interested in and seemed relaxed when she came into our home.

Rosebank was recommended by several Ashburton friends who had been at the grand opening. The added benefit of extra storage space and the square footage of the units helped me decide to move.

I am looking forward to the Rosebank Village being completely finished and all the new residents moving in. It is an outstanding community and a great way of life.


Vern Mcleod:

Rosebank offers security, peace of mind, social events and a sense of community which has provided me a new sense of belonging – no more solitary days!

I am 92 3/4 years young, and appreciate the beautiful location in town, and being near the domain and shopping areas. Rosebank has helped bring me friendships of others who are in a similar time of life while balancing safety and independence.

I found the first people to move here were real friends I had known years ago in Balclutha and we were delighted to be together again. In the six units that are now occupied we have formed a friendly group who meet together every week night from 5-6 for a “happy hour”. It is a great way of life for us oldies and we share life experiences – better than sitting at home all day in a house of your own with your own thoughts.

After my husband passed away, I realized my garden was too big for me on my own. Rosebank provided an opportunity for me to downsize while supporting my independence.

The manager, Sue Prowse, is a lovely, warm and welcoming woman who has done everything to make me fee comfortable. She keeps in touch with the residents regularly and sees to our needs. Sue and her team are wonderful.


Nevill Wilson:

It is a place where everyone knows everyone and reminds you that it is a small world, as we discovered how many connections we had in common with the other residents – virtually every one of them. It has been great sharing stories together.

We decided to move to Rosebank from our Christchurch Red Zone home for several reasons, including proximity to family, availability of a beautiful unit and cost of living.

Rosebank is not really comparable – it has great location, size and facilities. There are plenty of activities and shuttles are provided to help maintain our independence. Rosebank has what we were looking for in a retirement setting.